Petition update

Victory !

Suzy Sheridan
Tyler, TX

Feb 13, 2013 — Victory has been claimed!! The Tyler YMCA has officially changed their policy so that same sex couples with families can now join. Here is a copy from an email sent to a TAG, Tyler Area Gays member, from a board member of the Tyler YMCA.
"Last week the board of directors voted to change the Y's policy that discrimminated against gays. The new policy has been implemented and now Suzy, her partner, and her son would be eligible for a single, what we now call "household" membership. On behalf of the YMCA, we would like to apologize for the past discrimination and do anything we can to heal the wounds. We want everyone to feel welcome here. We have a very diverse membership. Almost none of the current board members realized that our old membership policy discriminated against gays. As soon as we found out, we voted quickly, and almost unanimously, to change the policy. I appreciate your efforts to make things right."
This shows that our solidarity can make a difference! Thank you


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