Protect Blackpink

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Recently Blackpink members Lalisa Manoban (Lisa) Rosanne Park (Rosé) Kim Jisoo (Jisoo) and Jennie Kim (Jennie) have been recieving more hater from antist’s. These girls did nothing to get these kind of reactions. The worst of all is they recentently recieved death threaths! 

we Blinks want YG Entertainment’s CEO and Director Mr. Yang Hyun-Suk to protect Blackpink’s Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie. To track the antist’s who made these treath’s down, and sue them, such people are sick in their heads. 

All we blinks can do is notified the Management of Blackpink, as we try as good as we can to protect these girls from any harm. We LOVE Blackpink, and it hurts us Blinks a lots seeying our girls being treaded with such disrespect for all the hard work and harschip they’ve overcome during their trainee days. Our girls deserve respect, nobody should treath anyone and it’s time CEO mr. Yang Hyun-Suk does something about it. 

Mr. Yang Hyun-Suk we Blinks want you to take this treath seriously and take action against these haters, to concidering how it makes our girls feel, they lifted YG Entertainment up, they should be happy and safe, recieving love and respect.

Mr. Yang Hyun-Suk:

We ask you to take action and protect Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie from those haters, track them down, sue them, such people should be punished for treatning Kpop Idols. We ask respect and protection for our girls.

Thanx and hope you do something about Blackpink’s safety.