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Let iKON have their own shade of color that is different from TVXQ and JYJ's pearl red

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TVXQ and JYJ are one of the legendary Kpop groups and for twelve years, their fandom, Cassiopeia and Bigeast, had stood alongside them.

Cassiopeia had shown their support to TVXQ and JYJ in various forms: from the simple action of buying their albums, attending their concerts, to bigger collaborations like joining together to make donations to people who need help. All these years, the fandom has used the color of pearl red to represent their unity in supporting TVXQ and JYJ. Cassiopeia and Bigeast had continued to use this shade of red because it is part of the fandom's identity.

As of late, the group iKON released fan items with the same shade as TVXQ and JYJ's pearl red. This has caused arguments amongst some iKON fans and TVXQ and JYJ fans. While we try not to be bothered by the complaints from both fandoms, we cannot disregard the fact that this has disrupt the peace among fandoms as some fans had started resorting to disrespectful and harmful words.

While we perfectly understand that we do not own the color red, pearl red is very special to the two groups and us fans, Cassiopeia and Bigeast. The red ocean that fans form during TVXQ and JYJ's concerts is very special because we know that they get strength from those lights, the same way we get inspiration from them through their music and performances. It is a symbol that Cassiopeia are still standing with them.  

We also do not wish for confusion should the iKONics and Cassiopeia attend future events. After all, wouldn't the group members appreciate it more if they could identify their supporters in the big crowd during joint concerts?

This petition doesn't aim to point fingers on which side is right or wrong, who started fighting with whom, or which group is better. We all have our own preferences and own opinions. It is only right for everybody to respect each others opinions. Our only aim is to relay our message to YG Entertainment through a peaceful manner.

With all due respect to the generous captain of the YG Family, please kindly use a shade of color that would be a part of iKON's own identity. We wish that they could have a special shade of color of their own, just like how each fandom have their individual colors.

Our wish is simple: please let pearl red remain as TVXQ, JYJ, Cassiopeia and Bigeast's special color. Thank you for taking time to read our message.

Have a good day~!


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