Treat blackpink better

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Blackpink are a 3 year old girl group with only 14 songs (including Jennies solo, a collab and a remix) and although they succeed with every comeback, this amount of music is no where near enough. They currently only have one comeback each year when they should be having at least two! The girls literally trained for years and this just isn't fair on them. Even when they do release music they barely promote it, they need more promotions in Korea and in the west. 


When we bring these issues to the companies attention they are always silent and don't release any kind of statement. Blackpink should have had a full album by now! On top of this the girls were promised solos, however it has been 8 months since the first solo. Rosé has said multiple times that she has been working on it yet there's still no sign. This isn't fair on the girls. 


Blackpink received a massive amount of hate online with threads on twitter to blogs on naver defaming them and degrading all of thier efforts and again the company isn't doing much (they did remove a few videos). A massive reason for the hate they receive is that they don't have any creative freedom. We know they can all write as it's part of their training programme, what was the point if they don't get to write now? We know it's impossible to stop all hate but the company can do something about the people defaming them. These are four amazing and talented girls. We just want them to get the treatment they deserve to fulfill their careers. 


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