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Hanbin was accused by Dispatch of 2016 drug use on June 11, 2019. There has been an official statement released, informing us that YG Entertainment orders drug tests every month or so from the USA and NONE of the IKON members, INCLUDING HANBIN tested positive. Please get this out for Hanbin or YG Entertainment to see! Ikonics and fans don’t want Hanbin to leave ikon when he did nothing wrong. He doesn’t deserve to. We just want him to be in a positive mental state and obviously at the time when he was thinking about doing drugs, he was not. Hanbin only mentioned he was thinking about drugs due to his pain, but NEVER took drugs due to being too scared. Please sign this! 



[THIS PETITION IS NOT TO MAKE HANBIN FEEL OBLIGATED TO STAY, IT IS ONLY TO SHOW SUPPORT. hence the title “SHOULD NOT HAVE TO LEAVE IKON”. We have every right to make a petition to voice our opinion. That’s the least we can do since he was practically thrown out unfairly. If nothing changes, at least we can show him how important he is to us as a person and as an IKON member.]