Change Dive Choreo "Take Care of Bobby and iKON"

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We represent the ikonic who wants the agency (YG) to replace the choreo dance (intro) from the song Dive where Bobby has to support one of the members on his shoulder. Koreo was seen hurting Bobby and did not rule out injury in the future. We know, before the dance was released the agency and the choreography team had considered everything in the future, but on several occasions Bobby was seen holding back pain while performing the dance. For that, with all modesty and without reducing respect, we invite iconics everywhere to help in targeting the following hashtags:



We sincerely ask for your help, so that you can help distribute and sign this petition. We, iKONICS, hope to get feedback on this matter as soon as possible since the health of your artists should be YG Entertainment’s number 1 priority.

Thank you.
From international iKONICs.