Proper treatment of boyband iKON under YG Entertainment

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iKON is a boyband that debuted under YG entertainment in 2015 and has millions of fans worldwide 

They are a active group since 2015. Yet they are really underrated. They went through 4 survival shows just to debut and yet they are less promoted than other artists under the same company. I really hope YG entertainment look after and promote iKON They are really talented group with great songs 

I am making this petition so that YG entertainment gives them proper and regular promotion or atleast give them sub units or solo 


[ This petition is not for iKon to leave YG entertainment but for YG to take care of iKon and promote then regularly. 

iKON is a group with whole talented artists so their talents shouldn't be wasted

Also this petition isn't against any artist under YG entertainment or the company as a whole 
We love and appreciate their work]

I really appreciate if you sign this petition your response matter and I'm grateful for your response 

Please keep supporting iKON and thank you for signing it