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To YG Entertainment Regarding BOBBY’s health
It has come to our attention that ever since the beginning of the promotions of iKON’s
comeback song DIVE, the intro of the choreography has caused issues to member BOBBY. In
the intro another member sits on BOBBY’s right shoulder resting his whole weight on BOBBY
hence causing BOBBY a physical injury, which BOBBY recently mentioned in a VLIVE
broadcast. He mentioned that he has bruises on his shoulders due to the choreography and is
in pain because of it. BOBBY has also looked visibly uncomfortable in many fancams of DIVE’s
performance (evidence attached below).
Considering the amount of times iKON practice DIVE’s performance for music shows
and for a Japan tour later on it can cause a permanent damage on BOBBY’s health if not taken
any measures in preventing it.
We sincerely hope that YG Entertainment can take action in protecting their artist from
having physical and mental problems and will make sure to either
1. Alter the choreography so that members can take turns in doing BOBBY’s part of the choreo
or 2. Completely change the above mentioned part of the choreo hence making sure BOBBY
doesn’t have health complaints because of it anymore.
We, iKONICS, hope to get feedback on this matter as soon as possible since the health
of your artists should be YG Entertainment’s number 1 priority.
Thank you.
From international iKONICs.