Petition for Treasure 13 to debut

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This is a petition for Treasure 13 to debut.
Treasure 13 is a K-Pop Group under YG Entertainment that was set to debut in May/June 2019.
The 13 members were announced at the beginning of 2019 within the survival show “YG Treasure Box”.
They will be promoting as a whole as Treasure 13 and also split up into 2 Sub-Units who will be called Treasure and Magnum.
Months later, now in August, Treasure 13 still hasn’t debuted and YG Entertainment is chaotic.
Help us contacting YG through this petition to let Treasure 13 debut because they shouldn’t be hidden in YG’s dungeon for any longer. These boys deserve it and have been waiting for too long already. They are all very talented and have been training for this opportunity for so long and we shouldn’t waste their talent and effort.
So please, Treasure Makers who are out there, also waiting for their debut: now it’s your turn. We have to give them back what they did for us. So please support us with this petition! We all want them to debut and to be happy. They want to achieve their long last dream.
The boys are so desperate to debut so please help them!

Thank you.

If you want to know more about them, you can watch the 10 episodes of the survival show through this link: