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An E-Petition written on behalf of Whiteley Parish Council, calling for the immediate and permanent opening of Yew Tree Drive, Whiteley, Hampshire to all vehicles rather than buses only (i.e. the removal of the bus gate bollards), so traffic can move freely between Yew Tree Drive and the A3051, Botley Road, rather than when Whiteley Way is completed which could take several more years.

We will use the number of signatures from this petition to support us in taking further action.

Reasons to open Yew Tree Drive immediately to all vehicles include:-

The new Whiteley shopping development (and in future years 3000 extra houses), will put further pressure on Whiteley's already congested roads, causing gridlock in Whiteley if Yew Tree Drive remains closed.

People who work or drop children off at school in Whiteley or Swanwick, Botley or Park Gate will have journey times, fuel costs and CO2 emissions significantly reduced.

Improved access to the Doctors surgery and pharmacy situated on Yew Tree Drive, Whiteley primary school and the new Whiteley shopping centre especially for those coming from Botley, Swanwick and Park Gate.

Congestion around Segensworth and Park Gate would be significantly reduced as Whiteley traffic will no longer have to use this detour to access the Botley Road.

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  • Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council

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