Removal of Blocks on Tumkur Road

Removal of Blocks on Tumkur Road

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Since the past 2 weeks, the City traffic Police authorities have taken an arbitrary decision of closing the turnings outside Golden Grand Apartment and Hotel Vivanta. All these premises are located on Tumkur Road near Yeshwantpur Railway Station and Yeshwantpur Metro Station.

Lakhs of people are affected daily by this tyrannical move to shift the turning to Gorguntepalya. People attempting to avoid taking these turns often tend to put their lives at stake by crossing the roads midway. Do we need casualties or any mishaps to bring about a change in this imbecile planning?

Firstly, this is atrocious to say the least as the residents of these apartments have to travel an extra distance of about 3.3 kilometers and nearly 30-45 minutes to cross 2 signals. What kind of regressive planning is this?

Secondly, the station goers and non residents of these areas who are absolutely clueless about these blocks nearly miss out on their trains and other travel plans due to the time wasted in crossing these signals to reach their destinations. How inhuman is it to expect these commuters to cross the roads with heavy luggage to avoid wasting time in crossing the turns?

Thirdly and most importantly, we notice ambulances being stuck in traffic for nearly 10-15 minutes which are heading towards People Tree Hospital or Sparsh Hospital. What kind of insensitivity are we showing by literally playing with the lives of citizens in such a manner?

We need to find a cure to tackle this menace at the earliest. We expect the authorities to plan the city to reduce the difficulties of every citizen, but here the so called planning seems to be only causing more and more nuisance to the citizens of Bangalore. 

Forget being a smart city, we are a step closer to being a dull witted city!!

 Its highly upsetting that we have to plead with the authorities to reduce our problems. Please sign this petition to have these blocks removed at the earliest. Share it with your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Its high time we work towards protecting our interest.