Appoint Mordechai Weiss for Vice President of Yeshiva University

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Endorse my candidacy if you believe YU must make changes to attract the future generation - let me be a megaphone for your voice. It is time for Yeshiva University to make a bold decision and choose me as Vice President to bring a youthful, passionate voice into the administration. 

The goal of my campaign is to bring the student and alumni voice to the forefront of this momentous decision of who will help lead as Vice President. 

When I arrived on campus as a freshman in 2014, we were ranked a top 50 University in America by U.S. News & World Report. Since then, our ranking has been slashed in half (#97 in 2020) which will have detrimental effects on student employment, graduate school admissions and overall reputation.

As a third generation alumnus, I have a deep passion for the University and its students. Based on hundreds of hours of conversations with current and former students, I compiled an agenda consisting of five keys of how we will bring YU back to its preeminence as a top 50 University. I am committed to donating my entire first year's salary to directly fund the five keys of my agenda. 

In my first year as Vice President, I will work tirelessly to help achieve the following:

1. Alumni Network - Create a comprehensive alumni network, where alumni receive continued support from the University and current students connect with alumni to receive career guidance, job placement opportunities and other invaluable benefits that result from an intimate alumni-student bond. 

2. Career Center - Develop a career center that will guide students through each step of the job application process and facilitate access to the company of their choosing.

3. YU x Stern Connection - Rebuild the bridge between the Wilf and Stern campuses, so that students can forge friendships and relationships like my grandparents did when they met at a YU Stern event. I will spend one day a week on the Stern campus to ensure their needs are addressed. 

4. Curriculum - Create a curriculum focused on experiential learning, ensuring that our students are prepared for life after graduation. I will increase resources for Professors and courses that provide real-life, practical skills. YU needs to be a service-based institution, where legitimate needs and requests from the
students are addressed expeditiously, without a fight. I will ensure that students have the support they require, whether in the form of academic advisors, mentors or access to the administration executives.

5. Culture - Reinvigorate our culture with excitement and passion. The goals of our administration can only be achieved with the heart and ambition of our students and alumni. With my candidacy, students and alumni will regain their commitment and enthusiasm for Yeshiva University because they will experience the representation of their voice at the executive level.

Go to my website, to learn more about my background, our vision and how we will accomplish our agenda.