Yeshiva Tuition Crisis in Brooklyn NY

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Let's get things clear, we have a serious growing problem with no solution in sight. Jewish schools are drastically inflating tuition prices without disclosing or providing basic reasoning behind their outrageous supposed expenses. These schools get funded by the city & state annually + request outrageous tuitions from students so they can continue to funnel these funds to these overpriced faculty & administration members & unnecessary real estate purchases. Let's be clear, city & state funds provide millions of dollars annually to these schools to operate. Schools are expensive to run, granted. But there should be no need for these outrageous price demands being thrown at hard-working parents by these school boards. We all want to continue to send our children to Jewish schools so they can continue to learn about their Jewish tradition, history & morals - but not like this. Is there a ceiling on what they'll ask? Will there ever be any form of equality? The fear that mounts over some of these parents is overwhelming - to say the least. I often hear stories of families struggling to put food on their table because they need to continue to support these crazy tuition prices out of fear of possible assimilation in public schools. Your irresponsible actions may eventually drive parents to send their children to non-Jewish schools because of your lack of a properly working system. This is a message to our local community leaders, council members & school boards. You are directly impacting young Jewish couples from having a 2nd or 3rd child as tuition rates get more expensive year over year. You are in direct violation to what the Torah demands of all Jews (מצוות פּרו ורבּו) to have children & grow the Jewish Nation. Shame on all of you & your terrible decisions. We need change & we need it now. Sign this petition today to show these school boards & their lousy administrations once & for all we will no longer live by these crazy standards they now refer to as norm. If no action is taken by them to come together & reduce pricing we will take this to the NYC Department of Education & let them have a field day. -Anonymous

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