Say YES to BOL

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The peoples of Mindanao -- Bangsamoro, Christians and Lumads -- have long been suffering from armed conflicts and its ugly effects on their lives. As long as insecurity and social tensions exist, there is no real hope for these peoples, especially the Bangsamoro and indigenous peoples, to have better lives under an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence, social stability and economic prosperity.

With the passage of Republic Act 11054 or more commonly known as the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), the best hope and opportunity to settle finally the long-standing armed conflict, start the healing process, and move towards rehabilitation and development, is already at our hands. Let us not squander this golden opportunity to restore the identity and pride, rights and welfare of the Bangsamoro people as they begin to chart a new political future with the Christians and Lumads as their partners. 

Help us realize this vision of a new future by voting Yes for the BOL during the plebiscite on January 21, 2019.

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