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Yes, Chairman Eaves! Help us FREEZE our property assessments NOW!

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As public officials, we all have a duty to represent and protect the citizens we serve.

I am confident that you, too, have the public’s best interest at heart.  Only YOU have the power to make this right.  I, along with the citizens of Fulton County, am asking you to rescind the current property tax assessments while the process is being reviewed and FREEZE the assessments at 2016 levels. 

Thank you for your continuing commitment to the people of Fulton County.

John H. Eaves, Ph.D.

(Memo to Fulton County Board of Assessors - June 8, 2017)


Dear Fellow Homeowners,

Join me in my urgent request and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

The recent property assessment notices have come as a shock to most of us.  As Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, it is my job to ensure that we do not place unnecessary burdens on our citizens.  Placing unanticipated, unreasonable demands on your household budgets is doing just that.

Upon the issuing of the assessment notices, I immediately began working to rectify the situation. On Tuesday, May 30th, 2017, I convened a meeting with County Manager Dick Anderson, Chief Appraiser Dwight Robinson, and Tax Commissioner Arthur Ferdinand to seek options for homeowners.

On Friday, June 2nd, I issued a public request to the Atlanta City Council and the Atlanta School Board to consider a budget for next year that would reduce the tax burden on property owners.  I also spoke with Georgia’s State Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley, seeking alternatives that could alleviate some of the strain created by this sudden and egregious assessment hike.

On Tuesday, June 6th, I met with the Chair of the Board of Tax Assessors, E. Gayle Barnett, to request a freeze of the assessments at 2016 levels.  On Wednesday, June 7th, at my request, the Chief Appraiser made a presentation to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, outlining the methodology for assessing home values.

These extraordinarily high assessments will lead to undue stress and an inability to pay, threatening the ability of many to remain in their homes.  That’s not fair, and it’s not how we do things.  As a government, we can tighten our budgets and provide the same level of services with last year’s revenue streams.  I am committed to leading that end of the process. 

There seem to be inconsistent assessments within many neighborhoods and there are admitted glitches in the system that must be fixed before the issue can be resolved satisfactorily.  So, I strongly urged the Board of Assessors to rescind the 2017 assessments and FREEZE them at 2016 levels.  This would have provided taxpayers immediate relief to the sticker shock and allowed the necessary time for the process to be reviewed for accuracy, and to be properly and fairly administered. 

Yesterday, on Thursday, June 8th, rather than offering immediate relief, the Board of Assessors chose to delay making a decision until June 15th.  I am disappointed because I believe enough information was provided for action to be taken.

We have an obligation to YOU to get this right! 

Join me in my urgent request and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!


John Eaves


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