Yemeni Crisis

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This letter is to inform to you that the Yemeni crisis that is still occurring since 2011 is still growing. The rebels from the country are fighting for equal rights because the government system seemed to be unfair towards them. This disagreement led to a war that is still ongoing. This cause many bad effects towards the country. Yemen is  almost becoming a failed state. Their economy and politics have reached a level below average and it keeps on decreasing due to the war conflicts. We plan to try propose solutions to solve this conflict and reduce casualties at Yemen.


The Yemen Crisis originated in the year 2011 when the revolution started against the president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh. Most of the people were protesting since the government is overly corrupted and he had been president for the last 2 decades not letting down his power. He then finally resigned in the same year, and in the year 2012, the transitional period started as the previous vice president Hadi was elected as president. In the year 2014 the Yemen civil war started, the rebel group Houthi who are loyal to Saleh claimed that the government led by Hadi and were comitting human rights violation and both groups claimed parts of Yemen. The Houthi's main supporter is the Iran while the government was supported by 10 different other countries around the area and even the US. Saudi Arabia are one if Yemen's government allies and they with the US have been known to bomb the Houthi's territories from houses, schools, mosques and even hospitals killing 513 civilian deaths (including at least 157 children) and 379 civilian injuries. Both groups have been known to freely use weapons towards the opposite groups especially mass shooting in crowded areas. 


To solve this conflict both the Houthi rebel groups and the government group needs to sign a peace treaty that is fair for both sides. They also need to reform their laws and government system since it's always been overly corrupted and kept violating human rights.

Another solution is to address the United States government and the United Kingdom government as well as the France government to stop supplying Yemen with firearms. They have use this conflict as an advantage to their economical income by supplying firearms and  ammunition for both sides.


We would like to form this petition and address the authorities to hold a conference and make a peace treaty and also address the governments of US, UK and France to stop the supplying Yemen with firearms. This war has involved a big number of casualties and we would like to end it one step at a time starting with this petition.