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Pay attention to public needs

Yelp refuses to pay attention to systematic complaints that people post in their page.
The company doesn't have a clear method of raking their listed businesses among with several other issues. Their policy is based on silence and distance from the public - both costumers and business owners.
It is very difficulty to touch the company. They never lost a legal process, not because they are right, but because we don't really know how to get hold of this sneaky company. It is time for public awareness. Let everyone know that you are not happy with Yelp and they will have to admit that they need us!

I apoligize if I sent you double messages. Yelp keeping messsing messages around!

BTW: I just noticed that  Yelp has

1732 one star reviews 

378 two stars

350 three stars

476 four stars

1528 five star reviews.. 

( it does not take into consideration the filtered reviews)

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