Urge YS Village Council to pass an ordinance requiring mask usage downtown

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We are a small town that attracts a large amount of tourists. We are also a town with a large percentage of people in the high-risk age category to contract the current global pandemic, Covid-19.

Every day there are many people packed onto the sidewalks of our downtown. Very few are wearing masks and very few are practicing social distancing. While some stores require masks, that does not help when the sidewalks are congested. Putting the onus on the shopkeepers is unfair and, frankly, not enough to dilute the viral load brought in from several other “hot spot” communities. 

This is a public health crisis and we are asking our elected officials to step up and mandate that masks are to be worn in our downtown. Mask usage has been identified as the number one thing that can (easily) be done to stop the spread of this deadly virus: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2020/06/13/face-masks-may-be-the-key-determinant-of-the-covid-19-curve-study-suggests/

Please stand with me and ask our council to do the right thing to protect our workers and our citizens during this global public health crisis.