Yellow road markings at Eden ELC

Yellow road markings at Eden ELC

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Started by Hayley Eden ELC

Parents, friends, families and whanau,

We need your help!

You may have noticed 2 orange cones placed between our driveways recently. We have placed these in the interim while we have been trying to get yellow road markings on our road to increase visibility when pulling out of Eden ELC's driveway.

Over many years we have been in contact with Auckland Transport about putting yellow lines in between Eden ELC's entrance and exit driveways. We have not been successful and it is becoming a huge safety concern for our Eden ELC community.

Since January this year we have tried so hard to communicate our concerns to Auckland Transport over safety when pulling out of the driveway as well as recently getting cars towed and ticketed because they have parked too close to the driveway.

After at least 6 phone calls over the last few weeks and many emails they have contacted me and stated "We will not be installing broken yellow lines outside of this address. Broken yellow lines are usually only installed to address issues with the flow of traffic or safety along a road". They have then informed us that they have closed the case.

I think this is a huge safety issue and we do not agree with what they have stated. They have also rejected putting white road markings to stop cars parking so close to the driveway.

There have been so many near misses exiting our driveway and its only a matter of time before someone could get seriously hurt.

We would love your help in addressing this issue so please sign this petition to get us yellow road markings and make Eden ELC and Landscape Road a safer place.


171 have signed. Let’s get to 200!