Bring back Keppel Math

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Sign this petition if you want to bring back keppel math so that we can actually pass apps this year as without her and her instructional videos and motivational quotes we can simpily not go on. And for anyone wo has had to sit though a double period being unable to understand their teacher or being unable to yawn without the aid of coffee and cake, sign here to re-enstate this basic human right provided only by Keppel herself, and bring back Keppel Math!

Keppel's Quotes

"Think of enlargement like enlarged boobs"

"You know when you look at social media? When you wake up in the morning sitting on the toilet"

"Wank is in the dictionary"

"Just because you have a growth between your legs doesnt't mean you can do these things"

"Just look it up on Youtube"

"The more you do the better you become"

"What ever turns you on zane"

"Everything works out fo the best"

"You can charge your cacuator with your computer!"

"I have never farted in public"

"Cut your partner out of your life"

"You dont get anything for nothing"

"Stop Luke"
"Education is a gift"

"The internet is a world of information"

"No weed please"

"Proscrination is a disease

" Just keep cool"

"If your orginised youll get a promotion"