Segerakan menaik tarafkan Jln Rawang-Batu Arang di Selangor

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Every time it rains or when there is high traffic volume, the main trunk road leading from Rawang to Baru Rawang comes to a standstill. A normal journey of 5-10 mins from the Rawang toll station to any of the residential areas can take 1 hour, or 2 when it floods. 

The problem has been there for the last 20 years, with roadworks taking place at SNAIL SPEED.

We urge all authorities involved to give this matter the URGENCY it deserves!

Please sign our petition to demand for these changes to our masyarakat:

1) JKR to fully focus on Jln BK 27 and complete the road upgrading work within the next 2 years.

2) JKR to give the RAKYAT a simple monthly progress report on the road works from Rawang to Baru Arang.  

3) JPS and JKR to quickly rectify the shortcomings causing flash floods every time there is heavy rain. This include deepening the drains, lighting up the dark area, widening the road and redrawing the road lines.

4) All policy makers and Aduns in this area to push for funding from the State/Federal to resolve these long-standing problems.