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I, Hillary Jimbob on behalf of Malaysian Internet consumers quite happy and welcome the recently new changes for Telekom Malaysia's broadband especially UniFi Turbo 10X free speed upgrade. But we still feel there are many aspects to be fixed. First and foremost, the 10X turbo free speed upgrade should be applied for all users INCLUDING new users register AFTER 31 December 2018, not only new users BEFORE 31 December 2018 to make sure EVERY person has opportunity to enjoy seamlessly internet experience in the name of EQUALITY. Besides that, currently UniFi still using ASYMMETRICAL connection which mean download speed is higher than upload speed. Video gaming streamer/Youtuber requires also high upload speed to upload their content, giant company/government agency also needs high upload speed to upload their client information then exchange it with other people across the globe. In order to solve this issue, UniFi must change from ASYMMETRICAL connection to SYMMETRICAL connection so that the consumers can enjoy both high download and upload speed in the same time. Apart from that, we believe that Streamyx broadband is NOT RELEVANT with nowadays usage trends because copper as known as ADSL ONLY supports speed high to 8Mbps, easier to be exposed to ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE which lead to packet loss with high ping and COSTS HIGHER to be implemented compared to Fiber optic like UniFi. In addition, some of my friends complained that his hallway is not covered with UniFi although the park in front of them is covered with UniFi. We think the marketing department should hang more UniFi poster across EVERY residential area ESPECIALLY RURAL AREA. Finally, we believe that people should be given FREEDOM OF CHOICE according to each people favourite by stop forcing people to subscribe UniFi inclusive HyppTV. In fact, Astro provides more TV channel than HyppTV. Malaysia do not experience heavy rain EVERYDAY, so HyppTV has weatherproof feature is POINTLESS. In a conclusion, we hope that you will think wisely regarding our suggestion and make the best action for Malaysian benefits. Thank you.