Freedom to practice medicine at private medical clinics in Malaysia

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PETITION for Freedom of Practice at GP Clinics

The existing Private Healthcare Facilities And Services Act 1998 (Act 586) of 18th August 1998 and Regulation 2006 has not been complied with properly by the Ministry of Health in the previous administration. They implemented various unnecessary restrictions to favour the ‘big pharma’ and bureaucratic medical fraternities to control GP clinics. Such restrictions are not beneficial to the public nor to the medical practitioners instead it creates a huge burden to the GPS already existing sufferings.

 This is in view of the fact that many GP clinics have been forced to close down because of their inability to survive financially due to overzealous enforcement activities and restrictions.

 We would like to request that YB Minister of Health review the guidelines for the private medical clinics and apply Act 586, dated 18th August 1998 and Regulation 2006, for the freedom of our GP practice.

 We refer to the Section 2 on the definition of “private medical clinics”



 Date of Royal Assent : 18th August 1998

Date of publication in the Gazette : 27 August 1998

 Date of coming into operation : 1 May 2006 [P.U.(B) 93/2006]  

 Section 2. Interpretation

 “private medical clinic” means any premises, other than a Government healthcare facility, used or intended to be used for the practice of medicine on an outpatient basis including

 (a) the screening, diagnosis or treatment of any person suffering from, or believed to be suffering from any disease, injury or disability of mind or body;
 (b) preventive or promotive  healthcare services; and
 (c) the curing or alleviating of any abnormal condition of the human body by the application of any apparatus, equipment, instrument or device.

We request that there be no restrictions against the three principles (a),(b) and (c) as mentioned in Section 2 above.

 We further request that we GPs be allowed to practice freely and peacefully in accordance with existing Law of Malaysia ie Act 586.

 This Petition is to humbly request that Tun Dr Mahathir and YB Minister of Health allow us GPs to use:

1. Any screening method to diagnose,
 2. Any safe remedies, medicine, herbal, nutritional, hormonal injections IV or IM etc to treat our patients.
 3. Any apparatus, equipment, instrument or device to cure our patients.

Our greviences : unnnessary restrictions on screening methods to diagnose, banning safe remedies like Vit C injection, Ozone therapy and discouraging to use ECP therapies , imposing fine RM120,000 or jail and many others.  Sending enforcement teams lead by young pharmacist to raid the clinics. Pharmacists Questioning Drs with no respect is unbecoming . Please remove the pharmacists enforcement and replace by the team of senior Drs to check medical clinics.

We humbly request your Excellency on behalf of all private medical practitioners in Malaysia who has signed this Petition, in order to have freedom to practice at GP clinics, without unnecessary restrictions carried out by authorities under the pressure of bureaucratic medical fraternities and ‘big pharma’

 Thank you

Dr. Hj Mohd Ebrahim Sulaiman 

Registered Medical PractitioneR 

MMC No. 024010





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