Yass Valley Council, reduce charges on water bills for poor quality water!

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Attention: Sharon Hutch, General Manager, Yass Valley Council. Rowena Abbey, Mayor, Yass Valley Council. Councilors for Yass Valley Council.

Yass Valley Council, Comur Street, Yass, NSW, 2582

Dear Sharon Hutch, Rowena Abbey and Councilors,

This petition, on behalf of residents of Yass Valley, who are affected by poor water quality, managed by Yass Valley Council, is to formally demand a reduction in the cost of water usage, along with a request for rebates for water usage, to residents over the last 6 months.

This request is a result of consistently poor quality water supply, under the direct control of Yass Valley Council, which has worsened in the last six months. The worsened water supply has led to damaged appliances, damaged clothing and fabric items and has forced residents to go to the added expense of purchasing water for cooking/drinking or filtration units for homes. All of these outcomes, from poor water supply, have had significant financial impact on residents.

Advice from Yass Valley Council during this time has included running taps until water clears and re-washing clothing/loads of washing, all of which leads to increased usage of water. Along with the above mentioned financial impacts, it is unacceptable that the Charge Rate per kL is increased when the water quality is so poor and Councils advice is to use more water, effectively increasing water bills.

We call on Yass Valley Council to:

·         Reduce its Charge Rate per kL to its previous price, refunding the increased amount for 6 months back and crediting the balance to resident’s water bills.

·         No increases to the Charge Rate per kL or Consumption Charge This Period until the new plant is completed and functioning properly.

·         Reduce the Consumption Charge This Period by at least 50%, refunding this to residents for the last six months and crediting the refund amount to resident’s water bills.

·         Rebates for repairs to appliances, water filters and damaged clothing/fabrics be available to residents on presentation of receipts for repairs/replacement to Yass Valley Council.


We respectfully request a response to this petition within 14 days of submission, hopefully to avoid further escalation of this matter.

Fix Yass Water – On behalf of Yass Valley Residents.

Email: contact@fixyasswater.com