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Education for all:                                                                                                      Non-Education is a problem,  It's our problem, The kids who don't have an education are suffering because of us. We can care about them but no do anything. Help this generation of kids and the future generations to get their chance of education.

Please read my speech and you will understand their suffering, you will understand that they need our support by lending your hand.

Hello, my name is Yasma I am standing here for the right of education in the world to convey my message to all of you. I may be just a child but I have a voice I have all the right to be standing here to tell you what you have been missing, To tell you how many people are suffering from non-education, to tell you that all children, women, and men everyone deserves an education.  Have you ever thought of how many people are suffering from non-education? This is the truth in your hands 58 million children are not in school and 759 million adults have no access to education. This is a major problem due to poverty, labor, war, gender inequality and natural disaster and many other reasons that lead to non-education. You all are thinking why should I take action?  Well, this is your answer, this is not only my world, this is our world the world contains 7.6 billion voices to speak up for non-education to help the world contain peace and justice to all.

I am here to tell you about my campaign to help stand against non-education in the world. Due to this campaign called quality education. We stand up for every child, adult and everyone in need for education in this world. “What have we done so far?” A question from Malala. As you know there are many good educated countries, for example, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland why do we children have really good education and the children in other countries don't have the same right as us?  

I saw in my own eyes a girl who is still in primary school in Madagascar she wants to become a teacher. Unfortunately, it is really hard in their environment and girls get married early. “But when people ask her why do girls go to school?” she says “why can't girls go to school”.  

I am not satisfied with this situation when I was in Lebanon I was shocked when I saw a girl who is 4 years old selling water bottles in the middle of the street it was 36 degrees and I am sitting in the car for vacation.This scene had affected me and remained in my memory and here is the truth and I want the truth to remain in your memory that many children are affected by non-education.  Why are we so selfish? People say sharing is caring so why are we not caring why can't we share and let all kids have the same education and the same rights? 103 million youth lack basic education 60% are women and 58 million children have no access to education. Why is this situation not changing? Why is the world not changing that much? Why can't we see the truth?.       

My parents always told me that education is power and a tool to success in life. All of these kids that have no access to education don't have that right, don't have the same success in their life, they can't see a bigger picture of life like us.  

I am not against anyone but I am against unfairness, we can care but not share. We can stand up for our rights, but we don't stand for others rights. I can trust you to change this world, lend me a hand, Let's change this world together.                        BY: Yasma.Esteitieh,

Bladins International School Of Malmö



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