Say NO NO NO to Doncaster Hill Recycled Water Project

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Yarra Valley Water want to build a "recycled water treatment plant" at Eram Park.  This will service 5,500 homes in the Doncaster Hill area (primarily the old Eastern Golf Course - Tullamore).

This is actually a sewerage treatment plant. To quote YVW "Sewage will be pumped out of a large sewer in the area, a process commonly known as ‘sewer mining’. It will then be treated to a Class A standard and stored in tanks ready for use".  The following chemicals will be used to treat the sewerage: Hydrochloric acid, Sodium hypochlorite, Caustic soda, Aluminium sulphate

This plant will be placed approximately 88 metres away from homes.  Think of the length of a 50 metre swimming pool to get an idea of how close the "water treatment" plant will be from homes.

It will have a negative impact on the open space, wildlife, flora and fauna at Eram Park.  It will be yet another imposing building within the City of Whitehorse, it will emit smells, it will possibly devalue property prices.  "There will also be people visiting the site on an ongoing basis for maintenance and chemical deliveries."

YVW have tried to get this treatment plant in the past
"In 2012 we consulted with people in the Doncaster area about a proposed site for a treatment plant at Tram Road Reserve in Doncaster. We submitted a planning permit application to Manningham City Council and a Works Approval application to the EPA. The EPA issued a Works Approval but the council ultimately rejected our planning permit application so we decided at that time to defer the project.

We learned that people were not opposed to the idea of introducing recycled water to the area but had clear views about where a treatment plant should not be located".

Lets educate YVW again on where NOT to locate a treatment plant!!!


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