Justice for timber

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On 2nd Aug, little Maysie was guilty
Guilty of being in her own backyard thinking she was safe.
Through ripping apart my back fence 2 Stafford terriers yore our Maysie to shreds .
Irresponsible owners pleaded guilty and the dogs were PTS
An unnecessary death of three innocent lives.
Responsible owners would have apologised, responsible people would offer condolences and at least a tea cake.
Responsible owners would fix the fencing and ensure any future lives were not lost.
But alas, my irresponsible neighbours purchased two more ( put what breed here mate ) and with that destined another life to be lost.

I am a kind soft caring person, a beautiful retiree gentleman came into my home, wanting nothing more than a warm bed, a soft dinner and love.
Enter “timber “ into my family
An old red dog, with grey muzzle and weary legs.
He’d stagger onto my bed, sprawled on my lounge ....

Until, come December 22nd, wearing his Santa hat, mauled, torn to shreds, gutted, dismembered in his retirement yard.
My backyard, my safe haven, my piece of paradise.
AGAIN, my same neighbour, different dogs, have again wreaked death and destruction on my family.

After Local By Laws have detained the murdering mongrels, an investigation has, after months of waiting have been unable to “Provide enough Evidence”
These two poor dogs have re-entered the killing field -

Are not BLOOD stained living dogs, a fence smashed through and old red dogs parts scattered over my lawn evidence enough!!!

When a toddler is mauled by this irresponsible pet owners will they too get the same insufficient evidence finding ?

Please support me in ensuring that Maysie & Timbers lives were not in vain.