Save the Locavore Mural

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Public Art reflects and reveals our society, adds meaning to our cities and uniqueness to our communities.

Due to a few alleged complaints, the Sonsie Studios mural on the wall of ‘Locavore Studio’ (cafe and bakery in Lilydale, Victoria) is at risk of being painted over and becoming a potential workspace for vandals, at the request of Heritage Council Victoria.

So, our question is quite simply this: why on earth would anyone seek to destroy, or cover up a piece of art which at its core hopes to introduce some life, joy and colour to an otherwise blank, lifeless commercial space?

How would its removal benefit anyone other than those faceless and nameless few who, without opportunity for opposing view or opinion, seek to impose their will on the rest of the community without any reasonable attempt at broader community consultation?

Therefore, this petition is an exercise in public voice and opinion. It is not an attempt to upset or vilify people with opposing views, but merely an endeavour to save beauty and cultural diversity in public spaces. We hope only to allow public opinion to be heard and perhaps even considered. This is in fact at its very core, an opportunity for each of us to consider if collectively we can have a voice which seeks to protect, improve and beautify public spaces, not willfully and deliberately remove public works of art.

Join us and let’s help our communities continue to thrive through public art!