Equality for Women in the YJFL: Move the Youth Girls 1 Grand Final to Bulleen Park

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Women's footy needs to be treated equally by the YJFL. The YJFL Youth Girls 1 Grand Final must be played on Bulleen Park Oval 1 before the Colts 1 Grand Final and given equal treament to the Colts 1 Grand Final. 

On Sunday the 2nd of Septbember the YJFL Boys Colts 1 will have their Grand Final on the home of the YJFL, Bullen Park. The match will be live streamed, including commentators, and will be the centrepiece of the Grand Final weekend.

Meanwhile the Youth Girls 1, the premier competition for young women in the league will be held on a poor quality ground on the outskirts of the leagues boundary with no live coverage and little outside attention payed by those not involved in the game.

If the YJFL take seriously its Vision of providing the "best possible environment in which our youth can participate in football" it must must elevate the premier women's Grand Final to an equal level with the boys competition.