Yarra Council, don't sell our lane way to Piedimonte's

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We oppose the application by Piedimonte's to the City of Yarra to buy and discontinue a historic lane way so that they can put their supermarket's delivery dock on the lane way.  We oppose the sale of the lane way because:

  • it transfers a public asset to private ownership with no community benefit; 
  • the lane way closure is unnecessary as Piedimonte's have other options within their own land;
  • the lane way closure creates many flow-on problems e.g. how to access the residual lane way and security risks with no clear line of sight; and
  • Bluestone laneways are an integral part of North Fitzroy’s historic character and their closure will irreversibly change this character.

Piedimonte's current development plans for the supermarket and liquor store expansion and the construction of 89 apartments assume acquisition of the lane way. 

We urge the City of Yarra councillors to not approve sale of the lane way as closing this lane way will have major negative impacts on current and future residents. We urge Piedimonte’s to consider the various alternatives open to them.