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River Pavilion Update

Hi All, a quick update on the River Pavilion: Heritage Protection:Heritage Victoria has undertaken an assessment of the nomination. Their current decision is that, although the Pavilion & Amphitheatre precinct is likely to have Local Significance, it does not reach the level of State Significance & therefore should not be included in the Victorian Heritage Register. More information is available here  This decision is now open to review (until Tuesday 22nd June) & any interested party is welcome to make a written submission. This is best done via email using this form  How to Help:It is still possible for the Heritage Council to take action to protect the Fairfield Park Amphitheatre, Kiosk and Pavilion due to their Local Significance, even if the current decision does not change. We encourage you to use this form (before this Tuesday 22nd June!) to request this protection by including the following: Given the imminent risk to this place I request that the Heritage Council  undertakes the following actions if inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register is not possible: refer the recommendation and any submissions to the Yarra City Council under section 49(1)(c) of the Heritage Act 2017 for an amendment to a planning scheme for inclusion of the Amphitheatre, Kiosk and/or Pavilion in an individual Heritage Overlay(s). take steps under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 or by any other means to protect or conserve the place. This might include acknowledging the Amphitheatre, Kiosk and/or Pavilion in a Statement of Significance. Further Information:We have also spoken with Helen Madden, Artistic Director of the Stork Theatre, who initiated the creation of the Fairfield Amphitheatre. She is currently working with Maggie Edmond (the original architect of the project) to campaign for better protection for the amphitheatre precinct. They have collated research to provide a more in-depth understanding of the social significance of this place. You can support this important effort here We acknowledge that the Fairfield Park Amphitheatre Precinct is located on the unceded land of the Wurundjeri people & we pay our respect to their Elders past and present. We believe that this campaign & the continuing use of this place should be based on the principle of caring for Country.

Kennedy Nolan
1 year ago