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Stop A desicration of g-d's name in Boca Raton Synagogue

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Dear Am Yisrael,

We cannot stand by as our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters blood is being shed.There is a Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue who will be bringing a proud known missionary by the name of Mathew Kelly to speak in his Synagogue to his congregation. Even if he comes just as a motivational speaker, look at his track record it is pretty clear what he has on his agenda. So of course he will try to influence members of the Synagogue  or at least leave pamphlets on his way out. We have enough Jewish motivational speakers to chose from! Please sign this petition if you want to honor and glorify g-d's name by not allowing this desecration of g-d's name to take place. Who knows what evil will descend on the world because of this unimaginable "Hilul Hashem". 

A fellow Jew who cares

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