Normanville surf club plans

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It has been bought to my attention that there is a proposal to change the location of our local surf club to occupy the front of the grassed area taking up valuable car parking spaces that are already limited. 

One of the main attractions of our beautiful beach beside the sand and ocean is the abundant grassed area for family's, gatherings, celebrations and our famous New Years Eve pageant. The site that has been proposed is absolutely unreasonable and needs to be re assessed. The locals in our beautiful rural area are very opposed to this designated spot as it will take up atleast 17 parking spots or more that we can't afford to loose. Will take away our amazing view and most likely our beautiful pine tree as it will be in the way of the surf club view of the beach.

There are alot of other factors that have left questions reguarding this location including whether the grassed area will become a private area only allocated to the surf club members, where they are planning to replace the car parking spots that will be lost etc.

Myself along with others feel the best place for the new surf club should be located on top of the beach kiosk as it is the perfect position for it and will not take away any parking spaces. Being in this location is the closest to the beach with a clear view of the ocean where most people swim and where the surf life savers put their flags during the busy season. The fact that due to the Corona Virus the kiosk has been limited to take away and deliveries this is the perfect time to do renovations and extensions with the least amount of disruption to their business. Please sign this petition to let the council know that we are not happy and they need to re evaluate the location of the new surf club. Every name counts �