NO to State of Emergency in Malaysia: Avoid Psychological & Economic Devastation

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A State of Emergency will devastate the psychological and economical wellbeing of the nation that is currently trying to recuperate from the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people will suffer. Many families already struggling will not be able to feed their children. Many parents and young people who are already struggling are likely fall into major long-term depression and many to think of suicide. Much of the economy as we know it will be ruined beyond saving. 

We need your intervention to STOP any move towards a State of Emergency. Three Key Reasons are listed below:



We need every societal entity to contribute their expertise in various areas - economical, political, social, psychological, educational, informational and more - without fear and hindrance, for the common good of the nation. It is through collective participation of all entities of our society that our nation will survive and thrive. Time and time again, history has shown that diversity of thinking brings rich problem-solving leading to great progress and success especially when humanity is faced with significant challenges. A State of Emergency will stem collective participation where only certain leaders are allowed to provide “solutions” to our current pandemic, or “permission” for what they believe will work.



We need to build confidence for investors and the global market. Global and local economics are tied heavily to the psychology of investors and the nation. Confidence grows when investors and stakeholders see open opportunities for growth and success through governance that is open, supportive, transparent and mature. A State of Emergency takes away such confidence whereby the government is seen as authoritarian, ambiguous, unstable, and punitive.



The ability to think openly and test actions that contribute positively to society nurtures both individual and societal psychological resilience. It is in times of peace and full democratic participation that nations have shown to thrive psychologically and economically. A State of Emergency will limit national functioning to only state-sanctioned thinking and actions. Feeling already imprisoned by Covid, a State of Emergency will be the final nail in the coffin for the mental wellbeing of our society, creating even greater restrictions psychologically and practically for many aspects of daily functioning.


We humbly plead to Our Rulers and The Government to avoid implementing a state of emergency that will destroy our country and bring the nation to psychological and economical ruin.

Please reach out to us for evidence on any of the above, and thank you for your consideration. 


The Citizens of Malaysia who have signed this petition....and those that wanted to. 


P.S. Dear Malaysians, Thank you for coming together to support this petition. Please ensure that all comments made below this petition is Respectful of our Leaders, our Rulers, our Government, our Laws, and all people. We need to stay calm and collective as we move our voices forward. Thank you most kindly. 

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