Fix the Westerville North Bathrooms

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Dear Mr. Yancy,

      I am an advocate on behalf of the Westerville North student body writing you in order to address issues concerning the school restrooms. Last week I was using the female restroom when I was trapped inside of the stall due to a stuck lock. After trying and failing to open the stall door, I resorted to crawling under the stall. On the same day in English class I heard the harrowing tale of a fellow classmate who went to use the restroom only for the stall door to completely unhinge and fall to the ground. In no way, shape, or form am I trying to discredit the hard work that the staff and janitors put into maintaining the quality of the school. However, the state of the restrooms remain an issue.

The boy's restrooms are full of stall doors that don't lock. They are also in dire need of more urinals and paper towel dispensers that don't break down every few weeks. The girl's bathrooms are equally as bad. The stall doors are unproportionally sized. As a result, an average female student with a height of 5 foot 5 inches can easily (although they don't want to) look over the bathroom stall doors. The stall doors are also short in width. As a result, when using the restroom a student can look through a 1-2 inch gap through the stall doors and see students washing their hands or etc. This especially concerning because the restrooms are equipped with mirrors which means that the unwanted view goes both ways.

I am aware that the student body voted to have the $10,000 from the Ronald McDonald contest go to renovating the bathrooms. However, the money is still not be enough to fix all of the restrooms. It will be unfair to the other sex if the other sex gets a renovated restroom and they are still stuck with sub-par facilities. To address this issue I propose the creation of a 2 week Gofundme campaign from April 2- April 15. A prototype Gofundme page ( has already been created. The account will be completely in the control of a designated teacher. Gofundme charges a 2.9% payment processing fee as well as a fee for $0.30 per donation. The owner of the account that receives donations (preferably a trusted teacher/adviser) can grant access to withdraw money to who ever is deemed fit by you or any other overseers. As of now, the prototype account has a baseline goal of $5,000. Although, the base goal will not be enough to cover the cost of renovations, it is a start and can be raised anytime by the owner of the account. The dates for fundraising are completely flexible, however it would be preferred if the fundraiser occurred before the school year ends in order to allow renovations to take place over the summer.

Westerville North High-School has a growing and capable student body. Over the course of the 2017-2018 school year, students on multiple occasions have raised $10,000 or more for varying charities. It is not unrealistic to assume that the student body will raise the necessary funds needed for renovations especially for a cause that benefits everyone. For years students have complained about restroom quality and it is time that they are mobilized in order to amend their grievances. As a student I am aware and deeply appreciate all of the blood, sweat, and tears put in by staff members to assure the best quality school for Westerville North students. This proposal is not meant to point fingers or devalue the efforts of the staff. I and my fellow students only wish to better our school so that the quality of its restrooms reflects the quality of the staff and students using them everyday.


Students of Westerville North


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