An appeal for Yale University: Refrain Chinese students harassing other students

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As Mr. Kun Chung Law (羅冠聰), a former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong who was disqualified by the Hong Kong Government due to his controversial oath, is going to Yale University to pursue a Master degree, the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars of Yale University has issued an  announcement to advice members of the association to "make friend" with Mr. Law and show him the "real side of the society".

On the other hand, the announcement slanders the news media of Hong Kong.

The announcement seems to be "friendly", but they embeds a threat in it: they would harass Mr. Law as he steps on the campus.

Judgeing by the trait of Chinese (regardless they are citizen or non-citizen) towards the recent "Anti-extradition law" demonstration oversea, we won't surprised that Mr. Law would have both mental and physical harassment from Chinese students and scholars. We would like to urge the adminstrative department and the public safety department of Yale University to guarantee a harassment-free environment, not only for Mr. Law, but also for other students with different political affiliation. We believe Yale University as one of the top schools of the world, won't allow harassment of any kind on campus!

We also urge the adminstrative department of Yale University to thoroughly evaluate every members of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars, and take the appropriate actions if wrongdoing is found!