Rename Yale. It's time to end our institutions' systemic racism.

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Elihu Yale. Oppressor. Slave owner and trader. A man who played and manipulated with human lives like they were toys. America, if we are to finally end our country's systemic prejudice and racism against our minorities, we cannot allow one of our most prominent universities to bear the name of a despicable symbol of our dark past.

At this revolutionary time in our history, being silent is no longer acceptable. The American people must now reveal their true colors. Who do YOU support? Who do YOU defend? The victims, the innocent and oppressed? Or the senseless, careless bastions of evil, those who strode undisturbed for far too long as they carelessly destroyed countless of African-American lives - cruel men like Joshua Ward, or Elihu Yale?

Rise up. Rise up and go bold. Go bold and make forth change. Change in how we treat each other. Change in how we view each other. Change in our country. Change in our lives. Change in our world

We can show solidarity by marching in the streets. We can lend our support by donating to civil rights organizations. We can pay it forward by giving back to the black communities who suffer so bitterly. But me must do more.

We must challenge that which few dare to challenge, and end the treachery that too many of our society knowingly or unknowingly support - racism

Let us congregate and stand strong, never giving up until "Yale University" is never spoken again. Let those who teach there, those who donate to there, and those who attend there know, that we will not be silent as they tout a foul name of evil, as their name. 

We will not be silent. 

Rename Yale University. Together.