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Ability to change your gender on Yahoo

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Hi, my name is Daniel Brickman and I am a transgender man 5 months into my transition. Yahoo mail is my primary email source and has been for the past 7 years. Recently, I went to go update my profile information so it didn't include my birth name and to change my gender to male to reflect my transition. However, I discovered that I couldn't change my gender on Yahoo. A quick google search later and I found many, many trans people complaining to Yahoo that it was ridiculous that we don't possess the ability to change our gender on yahoo. Here is a thread of trans people complaining to Yahoo about the fact that seeing our birth names and our incorrect genders makes us feel dysphoric and uncomfortable:

As you can see in this thread, Yahoo completely ignores the complaints of real trans people and instead of offering an easy solution of granting people the ability to change their gender, they tell people who have owned yahoo accounts for years and years to simply create a new email to reflect their new life. Which of course, is ridiculous. It seems impossible that in this day and age when transgender action is thankfully making a more prevalent rise in media and social justice that a company as large as yahoo, which also owns tumblr, the home of an enormous number of trans people would be so blatantly transphobic. I would really, really appreciate if people would sign this petition to show yahoo that what they're doing is making trans people jump through extra hurdles as well as alienating them. Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you'll support this petition.

Much gratitude,

Daniel Brickman

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