Regarding the working of the AYOSA and election of the office bearers of the same.

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Respected Sir,
AYOSA has been formed to watch and safeguard the interest of the Old Yadavindrians in the school and to unite them under one umbrella organisation to further help the school to progress in future in order to keep our institution at the top of the helm always.
We would like to bring to your notice that the present dispensation of AYOSA has been working without transparency especially with regards to funds being collected to organize events like annual dinners. No account of the funds collected and utilized, surplus or deficient is published or put on notice board/website .No elections have been held for a long time to elect the office bears who can be held accountable for the functioning of the AYOSA.
AYOSA has been made to function according to the sweet will of a few individuals with certain ulterior motives to promote their own vested interests. The right way in this regard has been shown by YPS Mohali. In YPS Mohali AYOSA elections are held every Two years, accounts are maintained and the office bearers work to improve the relations and communication between the old students and the school.
YPS Patiala has a rich history and many Old Yadavindrians leading the society and country in various fields .But the popularity graph of the School has gone down over the years which is an open secret and present AYOSA has done nothing.
If there were elections and a fixed tenure for the elected representatives, certain responsibilities would be there and questions asked upon non performance. Presently, AYOSA has become a club for a few and all the rest just come on annual dinner. AYOSA, as a functioning organisation with obligations to school, past and present students is nonexistent. The spirit of AYOSA and the feeling of belonging (OLD YADAVINDRIAN’S) is lost.
Sir, we request you to put back AYOSA back on track by taking the first step of holding elections for office bearers.
Old Yadavindrians.