We Need A 3RD Tamil NationWide Radio Station in our Mother Land (Malaysia)

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The 30% of profit we gain will be utilized on Our 8 Policies.
1. Help children with their school fees who  can’t afford education.
2. Help the people with medical illness with their medical expenses.
3. Counselling and Programs to keep our community busy and avoid
illegal activities.
4. Support and Help the unemployed with a job and succeed in life.
5. Conduct cultural programs and make people practice Tamil in daily life.
6. Trainings will be provided on Tamil speech, radio hosting, singing,
traditional dancing, musical training, acting, sound engineering, video
engineering, designing, photography, videography and modeling classes
for 100% free.
7. Promote our Malaysian talents through our radio as a platform to young
talents to grow.
8. Feed the poor daily if it permits.

All this will be transparently accountable and accessible to public’s reach.
Nothing will be hidden or stolen from the 30% as that percentage of Our
earning is Yours.


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