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XUSHS LGBT+ Organization

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Only the real names of XUSHS students count as real votes. The purpose of this is to show that the relevant student body is interested. If you use a fake name or someone else’s, it would not be counted as a vote. In order to further legitimize your vote, please try to include your section under "reasons for signing". There’s no need to worry, however. As much as possible, your name will only be known by the organizers of this petition, the student government, and the XU administration. 



LGBT+ people are often ostracized from groups of friends, families, or society itself because they are part of the community. They are often bullied, harassed, denied jobs and services, shunned, or even physically harmed or killed for their nonconforming sexualities and gender. Signing this petition brings XUSHS closer to building an inclusive environment where LGBT+ students can exist without prejudice. The implementation of an LGBT+ organization raises awareness on LGBT+ issues and lessens the negative stigma aimed at the LGBT+ community.

This stigma is everywhere. In classrooms, students are called “gay,” “tomboy,” or “bayot” as though being gay is shameful. Stereotypes in skits are deemed “funny” without regard for the feelings of those who are not allowed to love, date, marry, or even voice opinions on LGBT+ rights. Even some educators can unknowingly make crude remarks about their LGBT+ students. Many LGBT+ people, especially the younger ones, often feel alienated from their peers. LGBT+ people have always been tolerated for commercial or comedic purposes, but when it comes to their feelings and rights, we still have a long way to go.

As a university, students and educators alike can be more productive when they feel safe and accepted and in return accept their peers. It is time for us as an institution to be more aware and sensitive of our fellow LGBT+ Ateneans. In order to truly become persons for others and develop as future leaders, we have to have the compassion to acknowledge the struggles of the LGBT+ and support the movement for equality.

Signing this petition will also bring the country one step closer to accomplishing Sustainable Development Goal #5, Gender Equality.



This petition isn’t just for members of the LGBT+ community. Anyone who believes that everyone shouldn’t feel unsafe, discriminated against, or ridiculed for how they love can sign this petition. This is for those who believe that it’s our duty as bona fide students of Xavier University Senior High School and as members of society to push for the freedom of others to exist peacefully as who they are without having to hide or be ashamed.



  • Discussions on gender, sexuality, LGBT+ art and history, and tips on how to deal with the day-to-day problems faced by LGBT+ youth. 
  • Support systems, whether one-on-one or groups, for providing counsel and comfort for LGBT+ youth. This org can provide safe, confidential spaces where members can express their struggles with their identity as LGBT+.
  • Q&A for the curious or questioning members of the university, where they can send in questions regarding LGBT+ and the contemporary issues we face. 
  • Pride and community. In a world of widespread bigotry and shame, it is important for young LGBT+ people to see that everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, color, or class can be successful, happy, and valued in society. This organization can be a way for LGBT+ youth and allies to build social networks where they are free of judgement. 
  • Awareness campaigns. In line with the Sustainable Development Goal #5, Gender Equality, this organization would strive to create a future society free of discrimination. The reason many LGBT+ people are harmed or killed is because society still sees them as of lesser worth, that their sexuality or gender makes them wrong, and therefore it is acceptable to hurt them for it. With the formation of an organization that actively defends and teaches that the lgbt+ community is deserving of equal rights and appreciation, we have the opportunity to improve and even save lives.


We've reached 100, but this doesn't stop there. There's so much more to do if we really want this to push through, and we can start with getting more people to sign this petition and making an LGBT+ org more visible to the administration for consideration. The movement for equality doesn't start when this organization is established. It starts now, in the educating of ourselves and our peers that this is important.


For further inquiries, please contact We're also very open to suggestions! We all need to help each other out here.

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