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why is XPO Logistics condoning physical abuse and alcoholism by one of their own?

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I was emotionally and physically abused by Jake Gilliam. He is a sales associate for XPO Logistics. Jake raped me, punched me, beat me w hangars, choked me, threatened me w a gun and all while employed with his current employer. Jake would continuously drink at high volumes of all alcohol while driving a company car, would also ask friends for blow or roids. When all of this information was passed onto his employer instead of my concerns remaining anonymous they were shown to Mr Gilliam instead. He then proceeded to take me to court where the judge rule that I was harassing him and the judge failed to listen to any of my 911 recordings, look at any of my pictures of abuse, my text messages and emails from Mr Gilliam nor would he listen to any of my witnesses. The system was flawed in my case. I am still a victim and became a victim all over again today while Mr Gilliam danced out of the courtroom laughing and smiling in front of my kids. My kids who saw all the abuse and were locked in the vehicles with him on multiple occasions while he refused to pull over or while his mother refused to strop in and help. This company should be ashamed of themselves. They put abuse ahead of everything as long as they are making their dollar. When is enough enough? When do abuse victims have rights? 

Companies such as large of ones as this one need to hold their employees accountable. They need to document anger management, alcoholism classes, rehab if necessary. These employees no matter how good they are should not be held at a different standard than society and should not be allowed to be protected by the employer when there is clear evidence that something is wrong. 

Im not out to win or lose. I want these things to be more in the public eye. I want people to know that it's happening. I want people to know that you are not alone. I have felt so alone for so long. The judge today was awful. He didn't care at all about hat I went through. It was a guys world in that courtroom and I was there for the show. 

Please showmyou care if not for me then maybe your mother, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your friend. Don't let them continue to suffer because of corporate America. 

Many thanks and all my love. 

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