Xiaomi should apologise to its Mi A1 consumers

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Xiaomi is launching several products in quick successions. But it is forgetting about their old phones and it's consumers. The most troubled one is Mi A1 which was launched in 2017 based on Android One guaranteeing Google updates on phone timely and for two years. But from January 2018 after OREO update Mi A1 users are facing with many kinds of bugs such as Battery drain during stand by and App Crashing. Xiaomi has still not able to give any bug fix updates for those bugs. All the other android one phones are now running on 8.1 Oreo even that Xiaomi has not provided and it's updates rather coming on 1st week of every month it's coming in last week or next month (February update came in March and now for March update we are still waiting). They are only focussing on profit by flash sales and promotions of new products rather than taking care of their old products and consumers.

Their forums and social media are of no use as no one really hear the problems faced by consumers.

Xiaomi should apologize and come back on track and solve all the consumers problem.