Request Chinese government to support UNSC proposal to Ban Masood Azahar and JeM

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Hon. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China

We citizen's of India and the global community decided to write to you. War clouds are surrounding India and Pakistan and it is a very serious situation that is threatening the stability of Asia and the livelihood of millions of people living in India and Pakistan. Both the countries have been thrown into a serious situation and face a war that will kill several lives on both sides. Already more than 50 lives have been lost in the last few days. 

More than any one of us you Mr President know very well who is behind the terrorist attack at Pulwama that killed more than 40 Indian soldiers. Not just this one but several other attacks against humanity perpetrated by Masood Azhar and supported and nurtured by the Pakistani Government. 

Masood Azhar's outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed has carried out a string of deadly attacks against India, including the attack on the Indian parliament in December 2001.
2008 Mumbai attacks Terrorist attacks that took place in November 2008, when 10 members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic terrorist organisation based in Pakistan, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began on Wednesday 26 November and lasted until Saturday 29 November 2008. At least 174 people died, including 9 attackers, and more than 300 were wounded
Pakistan government after a military raid on a camp located on the outskirts of Muzaffarabad in connection with the 2008 Mumbai attacks. On 7 December 2008, Azhar was among several arrested by the Pakistani government however released subsequently. He continues to live in Bhawalpur, Pakistan continuing his terrorist activities with Pakistan's government support.

2016 Pathankot attack
2016 Pathankot attack on Indian air base was masterminded by Masood Azhar and his brother. They were in direct touch with terrorists even after the attack had begun. Indian investigative agencies have given dossiers containing proofs of Azhar's complicity in the terror attack and also sought a second ʽred corner noticeʼ from ʽInterpolʼ.

2019 Pulwama attack
On 14 February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway was attacked by a vehicle-bound suicide bomber in Lethpora near Awantipora, Pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The attack resulted in the death of 42 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel and the attacker. The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed. Azhar approved the attacks from the Pakistani Army Hospital where he is under protective custody.

In the past proposals moved by India, the US, UK and France in the UN's 1267 Sanctions Committee to ban Azhar have been vetoed by Your country (China) using technical holds. But in this instance JeM the terrorist group headed up Masood Azhar has claimed responsibility for the attack on the 14th February 2019 that killed more than 42 CRPF personnel. What more proof we need that this individual and his organisation is responsible for killing innocent people? We citizens of the global community sincerely request you to intervene and consider our request to allow the sanctions committee to ban this terrorist who is a big threat to humanity. If China vetoes this proposal and continues to support this terrorist organisation it will be a historical mistake and it will alienate China from the global community. We request you to kindly have a moment to think what China stands for and support the proposal in United Nations Security council. Thanks for taking the time to read this request. Please email your requests