Ban Eating Dogs & Cats in China - Now.

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The dog in the picture was one of the lucky ones that was rescued from a meat truck. But the volunteer held 100 other dogs who died in her arms that week. She can still remember each of their faces as she held them.

Nobody likes to think about it, but over 10 MILLION dogs in China are slaughtered each year. Many of these are household pets stolen from their owners, and most die tortured or beaten to death and eaten.

Or thrown into boiling water to have their skins removed while still alive, because they are "tastier" this way  [just horrific]. China has a dog-eating festival called Yulin where 10,000 dogs are killed and consumed.

This is CRUEL and BARBARIC. If OUR pets were being stolen, abused and eaten, would we stand by and do nothing?

These dogs are all kinds of breeds - Retrievers, labradors, beagles, poodles, etc - exactly as we have at home. 


And don't forget, it's the Animal Markets of Wuhan in China where COVID-19 started! These markets MUST be stopped before we get another pandemic.

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