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Allow mobile purchase tracking

Xero is a cloud based accounting program used by small business and startups all over the world. As one of the fastest growing platforms of its kind, Xero is making strides to become the leader in online accounting.

As faithful Xero users, we need the ability to manage all aspects of our business wherever and whenever. This is exactly what Xero promises to do for us, which is precisely the reason we signed up in the first place. We especially love using the mobile app to stay up-to-date and track personal expenses. Unfortunately, in the midst of all these great features and benefits, there is still one key feature missing - business purchases and tracking through the mobile app. For example, if you buy something with a corporate card, issue a purchase order, or recieve an invoice from a supplier, you can't use the mobile app :(

The implications aren't fun either. Currenlty, we have to keep all of our corporate receipts from every trip, business meeting, and office supply run, plus pay $30/month to use a 3rd party service. That equals a lot of hassle and $360/year in extra costs.

The Good News
Xero has had time to make great videos, restructure their mobile app, and raise $150 million dollars. Now you have the time and resources to create the one feature that is missing. The other good news is that the exact feature already exists, except its for personal expenses. All we ask is that you replicate it to works with business expenses. Simple right?

In September of 2012 - over a year ago, this person asked, and multiple people responded echoing the sentiment. 

Xero just posted a blog update about their new mobile app -

We're looking for 150 faithful Xero customers to stand with us, one for each of the million dollars Xero just raised. Together we can build a better tomorrow with zero accounting complications. 

Letter to
CEO Rod Drury
CTO Craig Walker
Product Manager – Mobile and Banking Integration Matt Vickers
and 1 other
COO Alastair Grigg
As faithful Xero customers and promoters of your system, we believe it's time that you let us track corporate purchases and expenses from our phones. You keep telling us how great Xero touch is, but we can't do one of the most simple tasks we undertake - spending money. We can invoice, record personal expenses, and even reconcile laying in bed, but we can't spend money.

The implications aren't fun either. Currently, we have to keep all of our corporate receipts from every trip, business meeting, and office supply run, plus pay $30/month to use a 3rd party service. That equals a lot of hassle and $360/year in extra costs, plus a decent bit of frustration.

The solution isn't complicated. As you know, the functions for this feature already exist with personal expense tracking. We've been asking for this for over a year, yet our hearts wait and disappointment has creeped in. On the other hand, If you solve our problem, you will free us up to focus on our companies and do amazing things.

The truth is, you're better than this Xero. We believe in you and your commitment to us to be the easiest accounting software. Please continue creating beautiful solutions, listening to your customers, and responding to our call for help.

Bottom Line: Please make business tracking available through the mobile app and help us make a better world.

With appreciation and hope,
your customers and fans