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Use cleaner sources of energy, save the environment

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The environment is dying and the world is warming up. Greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause of this so the best to fix it is by using cleaner sources of energy more than we use fossil fuels. Look at the Cabin Creek hydro plant in Colorado and the wind farm Xcel Energy is making this is a true attempt at cleaner sources of energy.

The usage of natural gases and the emissions of greenhouse gases are causing global temperatures to go up massively compared to the past. The polar ice caps are starting to melt and if it continues at this rate will melt within the next 100 years. This may sound like a long time but it's not, the temperature has rose more in the last 100 years than it has ever before by a long shot. 

The way to fix this is to use wind power and hydro power more. A way to start is for the government to help pay for people to have solar panels powering their houses. Using more electric cars so we are not burning as much gasoline in cars and just being more aware of the environment. Having less factories and having more wind and solar plants would be a start. But that would take a while to do. 

Even just as a start companies could start burning gasoline instead of coal because though it still lets of emissions gasoline lets off less than coal. For more information on the cabin creek hydro plant go here Cabin Creek Generating Station. The effort Excel energy is giving is remarkable and we need more companies investing money and time into clean energy sources. Excel information on their wind farms can be found here. Excel Wind Farms

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