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Do not help Trump build his wall.

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XCEED is a two-person firm with offices in Brighton (Rochester, New York), is among roughly 500 companies that have submitted their names to the government as potential bidders on border-wall work.

Jim Breunig (One of XCEED's two principal owners), you say: "I try to stay out of the politics side. We’re not making a statement that we’re pro-wall or anti-wall. It’s just business," but by participating in this project you are taking a stand. Yes, you are in business to make money, but please think about the legacy you will be creating, the people you will be harming, and the environmental damage you will be contributing to.

From Robert Reich:

1.The U.S.-Mexican border is already well defended, and a wall won’t improve the defenses.

2.The cost of Trump’s fence would be a whopping $25 billion on top of this.

3.There’s no way Mexico will pay for it.

4.There’s no reason for the wall anyway because undocumented migration from Mexico has sharply declined.

5.The decline isn’t because of rising border enforcement but because of Mexico is producing fewer young people and therefore less demographic pressure to migrate to the U.S.

6.There’s little or no evidence undocumented immigrants take jobs away from native-born Americans, anyway.

From Erika Bolstad of Scientific American:

Billions of dollars already have been spent on existing border fencing, with little to no environmental oversight, Kierán Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. That has led to erosion and flooding in border communities as well as a roadblock for the natural movement of wildlife across the border. Environmental groups say that migration corridors are crucial for the recovery and survival of wildlife along the border.


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