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Remove the exclusive right with EA Sports Madden

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EA Sports has been the only creator of an NFL game for more than 10 years. This year has been an absolute disappoint and has cause football fans across the world to stop playing the only NFL game available. Its to the point where this game is not even playable or enjoyable. The game has lagged behind with innovations and has not done much in other general areas, in which they stated they improved.

There are severe glitches in the game that developers have not fix:

  1. Connected Franchise Madden lag for old PS4 generation users.  
  2. Awarding the team who fumbled near the sideline with 2 points if recovered by the opposing team.
  3. Situations when the ball will hike pass the quarterback (Qb) 30-40 yards down the field.
  4. Random selection of punt when picking a play from coach suggestion.
  5. The inability to snap the ball when on offense. 
  6. Plenty more... 

We as the consumers request that the NFL revise it's exclusive right deal with EA Sports and allow for more competition. For the betterment of a NFL related product, it would be beneficial for the NFL to obtain more virtual fans of its game which could result in more active fans of the real game. Opening to this approach would allow for consumer to enjoy the game of the NFL in its totality.

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