FULL Cross-Platform Play on Fortnite

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As most of the gaming community has discovered, the title "Fortnite" by Epic Games has been exploding with popularity lately. Especially now after releasing news about the game coming to the Mobile platform and merging with many other consoles (PC, Playstation, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, Mobile, and eventually Android).
These updates are in efforts to enable cross-platform play as well as cross-purchasing so that friends on the most common platforms are able to enjoy this game of battle royal together, no matter the system. While this is one of the biggest jumps we have seen in the community as far as cross-platform goes....Sony and Microsoft are still having the rivalry they've always had.

Epic Games is finally pushing the limits to make one of the first FULLY cross-platform games and what better game to achieve this with than one with exponential growth and expansion? The underlying issue with this is the dispute between Sony and Microsoft, they can not come to an agreement to have both of their systems in cross-compatibility. This is the number one issue holding back the gaming community and Epic Games from advancing the gaming world to a whole new level. Where rather than having to limit yourself to which friends you are able to play with due to console limitations, you can play with ANY of your friends, regardless of their console preference. Not to mention the multiplier this would put on the online/multiplayer population combining all players from all platforms.

The Fortnite team did push out an update on their website announcing they would be partnering with both Sony and Microsoft, however these will still remain separated. (Ex. Xbox, PC, Mac, iOS, Android and separately PlayStation, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android)

This petition is being made in efforts to convince Sony and Microsoft to settle the recent argument and allow the gaming community to move onto bigger things. This does not mean that the rivalry between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will end, it has and will always be friendly competition and preference. But the option to play together no matter preference should not be limited by the separate business of marketing and competition between the two companies.

Let the community be a community. As a whole.

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